United Space Alliance CEO and Management Team

United Space Alliance CEO and Management Team travels to Lafayette to personally thank Janet Brewster and the employees of Brewster Procurement Group for “Job Well Done” in their support of the Space Shuttle Program and Human Space Flight. Mike McCulley, President and CEO, United Space Alliance. LLC, and former astronaut and pilot of Shuttle Mission STS-34 and members of the Management Team meet with employees of Brewster Procurement to show their appreciation for and support for the Space Shuttle program. Janet Brewster has worked closely with Mike to advocate small business participation in NASA‘s Space Shuttle program. She has participated in annual lobbying efforts in Washington to support the NASA budget, has presented at the Space Shuttle Symposium at Cape Canaveral, and has been a past recipient of the Supplier of Year award at Marshall Space Center Huntsville, AL. Janet has attended 2 previous shuttle launches at the Cape to witness the successful launch of Brewster supplied material in to Space.

“I am proud to be a shuttle supplier. It has given me the foundation to carry the same principles of quality, safety, on-time delivery, accountability and documentation to other industries. Perfect Order Fulfillment is what sets Brewster apart from the competition and what has helped us grow in other industries.” – V. Janet Brewster, Brewster Procurement Group, Inc.


Brewster Procurement Group