Space Flight Material Procurement

April 19, 2001, 2:41 p.m. EDT, Shuttle Flight STS-100 launched on time at the opening of a 4.5-minute launch window with Brewster Procurement supplied materials aboard for the first time. Pictured, STS-100 was for Brewster the beginning of a long-standing collaboration of supplying space flight materials and needed supplies for Human Space Flight. Human space flight materials require a demanding level of Quality Control and Supporting Documentation to assure total astronaut safety.

Brewster Procurement is proud to be a first line supplier and ensure Quality Control Assurance on all Space Flight material supplied. By pushing that quality control down the supply chain, NASA further improves total quality and astronaut safety. Integration of supply has proven effective in the concept of “Perfect Order Fulfillment”. Brewster is responsible and accountable for insuring that all delivered materials are on time, within strict 75% shelf life remaining, manufactured to OEM’s specifications, and certified for conformance. Instead of training hundreds of suppliers in flight material requirements needed to get material properly received in, our clients consolidate their supply through Brewster Procurement. Brewster consistently shows that they can meet and exceed the task of “Perfect Order Fulfillment”.

Brewster has become that total quality company in the space industry supplying everything from fabric, adhesives, electronics, to shuttle seat foam.


Brewster Procurement Group