Payment Solutions for Projects/Small Business Suppliers

Companies sometimes find themselves caught in a situation where they are locked out of doing business with a supplier for reasons that are beyond their control. This being said some clients absolutely need the materials or services of this company but can’t cut through the red tape of getting what they need when the need arises.

Restrictions to doing business may include:

  • Supplier not on Our Vendor Base
  • Not a Strategic Supplier
  • Doesn’t accept Procurement Cards
  • Requires Partial Payments
  • COD before Shipment
  • Requires Foreign Wire Transfer
  • Doesn’t meet our Standard Contractual Terms and Conditions

Brewster has the flexibility to work with Suppliers to meet your requirements and can get them paid as agreed. Your project, material or service will not be delayed with Brewster in the loop!

Brewster will work with your supplier under mutual contract terms to meet your requirements.


Brewster Procurement Group