Management of Second Tier W/MBE Spend & WMBE Participation

As an integrator of Supply, Brewster Procurement has the Unique Ability to help you expand your spend with Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises.

With a Current Supplier Base of over 15,000 suppliers Brewster can help you identify and conduct business with Women and Minority Business Enterprises as well as procure from designated W/MBE’s that you want top do business with but can’t set up in your supplier base. Brewster will manage those Procurements and Report Spend data to the client. Brewster through our process of Integrating Transactional, Non-Contract, and Tail End Spend bring W/MBE’s into the corporate business arena. We thus help your Supplier Diversity group develop and implement and grow a second tier program, report detailed spend with W/MBE’s, eliminate administrative work of sourcing and reporting, and most importantly grow the W/MBE’s participation in your spend without having a direct contract with the corporate. Most W/MBE’s are unable to do business directly with a large corporate. Integration of supply allows them to opportunity to indirectly do business and succeed.


Brewster Procurement Group