International Procurement/ Logistics Support

Procurement is our core business. Brewster’s experience allows us the opportunity to procure your Western goods for export to foreign projects whether your project is drilling and production in Russia or the Congo.

Brewster can supply your requirements for Logistical Support for a Government Contract or a Military facility in Guam or an Energy Power Plant in Montana.

Through integration of supply and consolidation of requirements Brewster reduces your vendor base and improves your QA/QC process. Your container is packaged and shipped and all export documentation handled.

If you are unfamiliar with purchasing abroad and need a resource to facilitate the process, Brewster is your source for one off imports. Whether it’s a Control Panel made in Holland for a refinery in West Texas or an Ergonomic Tread Mill for the International Space Station, Brewster can handle the procurement.


Brewster Procurement Group