Emergency Response

During Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike Brewster Procurement provided crucial support for Pipeline facilities, Refineries, and Chemical facilities in Texas and Louisiana.

From Brewster’s location in Lafayette, LA, between the two storms, Katrina and Rita, Brewster was able to procure and stage emergency needed supplies for major oil refineries and pipeline facilities to facilitate their ability to get back on line. As soon as logistically possible, Brewster began the process of loading and flying by helicopter needed supplies into BelleChase, LA and starting daily deliveries to the West of crucial supplies.

Brewster sourced and managed Refrigerated Trailers, Ice, Food Supplies, Articles of Clothing, and Potable Water, as well as coordinated and ensuring that over 150 emergency personnel working to get the refineries and pipeline facilities up and running were fed 3 times a day. Crucial to this process was timely prompt payment of invoices to small businesses in the area to improve their cash flow to supply these major oil company employees with required rations and supplies.

Campground facility management, Personnel trailer Rentals, Utility hook-up, Janitorial Cleaning and On-site supplies were all managed and coordinated by Brewster. Brewster personnel also managed and stocked an on-site company store to supply the client’s employees and subcontractors with anything they required from toiletries, food, TV’s, cleaning supplies, water, etc.

With proven experience Brewster is your solution for Emergency Response requirements.


Brewster Procurement Group