Consolidation of Spend

Consolidation of Spend for Value Generation

Procurement is arguably the largest potential contributor to cost savings and cost avoidance in today’s corporate environment. Purchasing is not only a service function, but a profit making activity. Value can be calculated as a result of dollars spent for material or service, as well as, value-added potential, and supply risk.

Brewster Procurement was formed on the premise that Integration of Supply and Consolidation of Spend & Supply Base is the logical next step in the evolution of Supply Chain Management and is currently the best area of potential value generation due to historic neglect. Brewster’s business model brings all Spend (Otherwise Uncontrolled) under the Control of a Strategic Alliance Relationship.

Focus historically has been on Consolidating a Larger Portion of Spend with fewer suppliers and Negotiating that Leverage. Focus should not be on consolidating the low strategic value commodities with numerous suppliers and historically neglected transactional spend, but be managed under the control of a One Source Integrator of Supply contract for value creation.

Integrated Supply that is prime for consolidation includes:

  • Purchases Not Under Existing Strategic Alliance Contracts
  • Purchases where you do not want to develop and manage relationship
  • Purchases where it is not cost effective to allocate company resources
  • One Time Buys
  • Low Dollar Purchases
  • Non-Contract Spend (Vendor currently not Set-up)
  • Buyouts (Non inventory or shelf items)
  • Transactional in Nature (Costs High Relative to Value)
  • Spot Buys
  • Unique Purchases – Partial Payment Required, Upfront Immediate Payment
  • Low Dollar Contracts – (ex. Pest Control)
  • No Client Leverage Potential
  • Sole Source Transactional
  • Low dollar high volume transactional spend

Brewster Procurement Group’s Core Business is Integration of Supply and Consolidation of Supply base. Currently we have a supply base of over 15,000 vendors supporting our corporate clients.


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