Capital Project Procurement

Brewster Procurement believes Value Generating Procurement Principles should apply to all projects especially projects outsourced to fabricators and engineering firms.

Questions to ask…

Is your procurement best placed with the engineering firm designing and managing the project or a firm specializing in procurement?

Do they have the time and expertise to source and competitively bid and positively affect the project bottom-line?

Your decisions to this important question could make or break your project operationally and financially. Core Procurement Strategies are implemented for your project with Brewster Procurement. It is our belief that procurement for projects is better served by a company whose core business is Procurement working in conjunction with an engineering firm or fabricator representing the client’s interest.

Are procurement planning and procurement principles being utilized; am I out of the loop on Source selection, price negotiations, utilizing existing contractual agreements with preferred suppliers, delivery?

It’s important to receive expert procurement support for your capital projects that is not only dependable, but that can also represent the client’s Procurement Management that can ensure success, cost savings, and on-time delivery. Brewster is uniquely capable and able to effectively support the development of large Project Capital Procurement.

Brewster will track the cost elements and provide reporting. These tools are critical to ensuring committed amounts are maintained as well as overall project financial health.

In addition, our staff is comprised of purchasing professionals experienced in the management of projects who will dedicate themselves to ensuring that your project spending is professionally managed. Project procurement can be handled on-site or from our offices positively affecting your bottom-line!


Brewster Procurement Group