About Brewster – History

On May 19, 1999, Brewster Procurement Group, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Louisiana and headquartered in Lafayette, LA. Brewster was originally formed as a consulting and investment recovery firm targeting the oil and gas sector.

Early in 2000, BPG was given an opportunity to sell surplus steel plate from a major oil production project in deep water Gulf of Mexico and was instrumental in recovering a large part of their initial investment. Shortly thereafter Brewster was given the task to sell an offshore drilling rig which was timely completed. Although those were great first jobs we realized that the investment recovery business was not a viable option for the growth we wanted.

“Through memberships in the Louisiana Minority Business Council and the Houston Minority Business Council, I actively started to network and market my company at Council events. I ran into a prospective client (United Space Alliance) that totally changed our business model. She had a need for a firm to conduct quality control on integrated supply for the Shuttle program and ensure quality and on time delivery. Brewster suddenly had an opportunity to sell supplies to the Space Shuttle prime contractor for human space flight—AWESOME!!!!.”

“In 2001, I started supplying supplies for America’s Space Shuttle program and Human Space Flight and witnessed the launch of STS-100 with Brewster supplies onboard. Brewster had finally reached the heavens and we were on our way. I quickly moved into the Chemical/Petrochemical business and started supplying industrial supplies for refineries and Chemical facilities. Later we started supplying offshore oil and gas platforms.”

“My company has been blessed to receive many awards and recognitions from corporations, organizations, and community. Of all my honors, I was so pleased and proud to be asked to address the Space Shuttle’s Supplier’s Symposium at Cape Canaveral after the Columbia tragedy on the topic of perfect order fulfillment and its importance to astronaut safety.”

V. Janet Brewster, CEO/Managing Principal, Brewster Procurement Group, Inc.


Brewster Procurement Group